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Publicaciones octubre 2011

cuaderno y lápiz

Autor desconocido, via books-et-writing.

Publicaciones ingresadas al Basilic durante octubre.

Eduardo Canale, Pablo Monzón, Franco Robledo. Complexity Aspects of the Classification of Synchronizing Graphs for Kuramoto Coupled Oscillators. http://iie.fing.edu.uy/publicaciones/2011/CMR11/

Isabel Amigo, Sandrine Vaton, Thierry Chonavel, Federico Larroca.
Maximum delay computation under traffic matrix uncertainty and its application to interdomain path selection. http://iie.fing.edu.uy/publicaciones/2011/AVCL11/

Isabel Amigo, Pablo Belzarena, Federico Larroca, Sandrine Vaton. Network Bandwidth allocation with end-to-end QoS constraints and Revenue Sharing in Multidomain Federations. http://iie.fing.edu.uy/publicaciones/2011/ABLV11/

Manuel J. Barragán, Rafaella Fiorelli, Gildas Leger, Adoración Rueda, José Luis Huertas. Alternate Test of LNAs Through Ensemble Learning of On-Chip Digital Envelope Signatures. http://iie.fing.edu.uy/publicaciones/2011/BFLRH11/

Fabián Olivera, Nicolás Barabino, Fernando Silveira, Rafaella Fiorelli. Design and characterization of PCB transmission lines for 2.45 GHz. http://iie.fing.edu.uy/publicaciones/2011/OBSF11/

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